Web Analytics

Are you tracking your website traffic? 

While several analytics tracking programs exist, Google Analytics is by far the most commonly utilized. A free solution, with Google Analytics is not always easy to translate reports into actual changes to your website or marketing campaign. Successful installation of an analytics program takes both technical and marketing experience and our team of Google Analytics certified strategists has the experience and knowledge to launch your analytics program and meet your tracking needs. Actionable analytics help companies make smart business decisions - both online and offline.

Our web analytics consulting team is dedicated to providing knowledge and assistance to help clients select the best web analytics services for their needs.

Web Analytics Services

  • Analytics Audit and Recommendations
  • Ongoing Web Analytics Monitoring and Reporting
  • Analytics Training Programs
  • Custom Google Analytics Implementation

Understanding sources and behavior of website traffic is an important part of creating a customized online marketing strategy and user-friendly website. Tracking website traffic can provide insight into questions like:

  • How do visitors find my website?
  • Do my email campaigns, social networking activities, or other marketing campaigns send visitors to my website?
  • Where do my visitors come from?

Once visitors arrive at a website, it is critical to understand their behavior and pathways. To do this, web administrators must track navigation pathways, flash elements, video views, and conversions. Tracking onsite traffic patterns for website visitors provides insights into questions like:

  • Do visitors that come to my website from marketing campaigns or social networking activities interact differently on my website from those who find my website through search results?
  • Is there a bottleneck somewhere in my conversion funnel?
  • What pages on my website provide the most value in terms of revenue generation?

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