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Web Development

Web Development

Custom web development solutions from concept to completion


Extranets and Intranets

Communication with key stakeholders is an important aspect of improving performance in any size company. Developing a custom intranet or extranet can provide valuable database capabilities, documentation libraries, collaboration tools, calendars, file management and much more.


Social Media API Development

Developing on a standard application programming interface (API) is a marketing requirement for running promotions and contests on many social media marketing networks like Facebook.

The Net Impact’s web development team knows how to achieve the fine balance between a great looking website and a functional website to deliver comprehensive web development services at optimized costs. The web development team at The Net Impact offers complete front-end and back-end web development solutions in accordance with the latest industry research, standards and technologies.

The Net Impact follows a strict web development methodology and process when completing web development projects for clients. The process begins with an analysis of crucial goals which the website needs to achieve. Using that information, the web development team outlines a rapid development approach pulling in strong project managers using a range of tools including: Microsoft Project, @Task and Microsoft Sharepoint for managing, collaborating and communicating during the development process. 

Supported by parent-company Unidev, a software application development company, The Net Impact holds the resources and the required technical expertise to implement web development projects of any complexity. Whatever the case, The Net Impact can provide the solution.

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